Maintaining Separate Projects in Your BandHelper Account

If you want to create separate sets of data in your account, you can add "projects." For example, if you play in two bands and perform as a solo artist, you might set up three projects to keep the data for each project separate. Here's how it works:

  1. Each account contains one project by default. To enable multiple projects, navigate to Admin > Projects and click Add a Project. Enter a project name, select the users you want to access the project and click Save.
  2. Whenever you have access to more than one project, a Projects button will appear in the website header. You can hover over this button, then click the project you want to view. Then when you navigate the web interface, you will only see items assigned to that project. Similarly, the mobile app will now show a list of projects when you open an account, and will only show items for the selected project as you navigate the app.
  3. To assign items to a project, you can edit any item, then select the projects you want to use it with. You can assign items to one project or multiple projects, but you must select at least one project.

Here are some additional notes about using projects:

  • If you assign an item to multiple projects, only a single copy of that item will exist in your account, so if you edit the item in one project, the changes will appear in the other projects. If you want to edit an item separately in each project, you will need to copy that item, then assign each copy to a different project.
  • When you add most items, they will be assigned to the current project by default. A few items (set names, pause names, event categories and transaction categories) will be added to all projects by default. You can override the project assignments in all cases.
  • Deleting an item will remove it from all projects. If you only want to remove an item from some projects but leave it in others, you can edit the item and change the selections in the Projects list.
  • You can create any number of projects in your account. The only limitation is the number of users in your account, which is determined by your subscription level.
  • You may not sell access to projects in your account.
  • Currently, your app settings are used by all the projects in your account. You cannot have separate settings for each project.