About Arlo Leach

My first professional gig was at the age of five, when I played trumpet, saxophone, piano and violin in a local TV commercial for my family's music store. As a teenager my parents let me try the guitar, which I now consider my main instrument. I've performed in bands and solo; covers and originals; live and on TV and radio. I've also taught private and group lessons and led workshops on various topics. My current musical interest is in performing and preserving pre-WWII blues music.

On the technical side, I've been a multimedia developer since 1993 and released my first iPhone app in 2010. My interest in music has always given me lots of ideas for things to build and expand my development skills. BandHelper has been my full-time job since 2016.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife and daughter plus a cat, a rabbit and three chickens. You can check out my current bands, the How Long Jug Band and the Spodee-o's, view some of my solo performances and look at some of my other development work. Thanks for reading!

Visiting one of my jug band heroes in Memphis, Tennessee