User Reviews

Get this now!!

by Coastalmedia (USA) on 1/8/2022 (v.3.3.7)

This improved my musical life! I was old school binder guy. Now I use this every week, either performing or just having a fun jam with friends and family. And it works on my really old iPads!


by Richard Crooks on 11/19/2021 (v.3.3.3)

So much functionality! Deserves a higher rating. When I saw it's rating I was put off but needed an app with midi functionality so decided to try. Compared to other set list apps I've used it's head & shoulders above. Although not always intuitive, I haven't found a single limitation for my uses. It's connectivity between band members is great & customisation seems pretty extensive. Sure you have to part with some money but highly worth it in my opinion & the 30 trial will most likely convince.

Great tool for musicians

by MusicMan2021 (Netherlands) on 11/18/2021 (v.4.3.1)

Very nice app that has been thought about and works great. Current version updates and still developing improvements etc. For the money a great app for musicians and bands who take themselves seriously. Not to mention they also have very good helpdesk support.

Where have you been all my life?

by The Slow Rush (USA) on 8/22/2021 (v.4.2.17)

I’ve never written a review for an app. Never felt compelled to-until now. I’ve looked far and wide for a good “Fake Book” app…never found it. I even dabbled with trying to build my own. Nice to know I can put that project to bed. When I saw this was only rated 4.3 stars, my honest first thought was, “people don’t get it.” Scrolling through the reviews, the one stars are typically “it’s too complicated” or “I hate subscriptions.” So be it. The sheer amount of work that must go into this app is hard to imagine. It is so well thought out and so comprehensive. It won’t be for everyone. If you’re not moderately tech savvy then you might do better with a simpler database style app for simple artist/song/lyric organization. If you want the MOST flexibility and the MOST comprehensive app for gig management, this has got to be it. Watch some YouTube videos, do your homework. Anything great is worth taking the time to learn properly. I’m still learning but it is so incredibly fun and powerful. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE never abandon development of this platform. It is one-of-a-kind! Ten stars!


by Johannes Widi (Germany) on 5/24/2021 (v.3.2.7)

Great functionality, stellar support. Love its ability to sync content among the band. Love mass data entry and convenient content editing via web interface. Can't imagine to go back to chaotic stacks of paper. Learning curve is a bit steep though, so it isn't always easy to convince every band member to use the app. Use the trial period, give yourself a bit of time to evaluate and see for yourself.

Never again without

by maxnicks (Germany) on 12/23/2020 (v.4.1.23)

Bandhelper is the complete software package for organizing bands: Whether you are preparing at home, practicing together in the rehearsal room or playing on stage, acquiring gigs, creating the stage rider or doing the billing - there are appropriate modules for everything. I can also play with it in different bands without data chaos. And the service is really great: you usually get a response within 24 hours at the latest and you really get help. It's a totally different level of band organization. Never again without.

A must have app for any musical performer

by solbies (USA) on 9/21/2020 (v.4.1.20)

Whether you are a solo performer or member of a band, this app will instantly change how you organize your songs, set lists an recordings. The app support is first class and the developer is always looking to improve the capability of the app.

Great for live MIDI control

by Bobdiddledoe (USA) on 4/7/2020 (v.4.1.8)

We have a cover band that has a keyboard player that uses multiple keyboards, multiple midi controlled sound modules, and a midi switch that can change the midi channel signals and routing on the fly. Every song has a different setup to be able to replicate the sounds that people expect from the original recording. We’ve been using band helper for over two years, and it has made the process SO MUCH better. Not only can we easily generate and distribute set lists on the fly depending on the gig, but it has made it possible to go from one tune to the next almost instantaneously and takes the stress out of getting all the settings right. We generally make edits to individual song settings and set lists with an iPad, but we do the live midi control with an iPhone interfaced to an iConnect MIDI 4 via the lightning connector. (The band helper software makes all the syncing btw individual band member’s phones and iPad easy, so we don’t have to use the iPad for the live performance.) For a gig, the kbd player has his phone open to the set list. He just taps the next song, and he’s ready to go. If we have a special request, no big deal as long as the song has been worked out before. Just go to the song library and tap it. For the rest of the band, we just print the set lists from the software and stick them on the floor. The formatting and big printing are good enough to see even under poor lighting conditions. We are really happy with this software.

Fantastic app and great user support

by banddood (USA) on 2/26/2020 (v.4.1.4)

I’ve been using this and it’s predecessor Set List Maker for a few years now. This app is awesome and addresses most needs for performing musicians. The support is the best I have gotten from any IOS app. Well worth the money. Not only organizes songs and set lists, but handles your midi program changes for multiple instruments, management of backing tracks, auto scrolling of lyrics, scheduling of practices and gigs. Every band member can access the repository of set lists and songs, and everyone can have their own version of notes and lyrics for a song. Arlo hit one out of the park on this one.


by Tony Cleere on 10/17/2019 (v.3.0.8)

A fantastic APP with even better support from the Developer. Arlo is passionate about his product and his communications are very good. A very stable and awesome platform. A+++++


by iDoctor2014 (Spain) on 11/4/2019 (v.4.0.5)

If you have a band, a group or you are a soloist, this application will be essential both in your gigs and in your rehearsals. You have all the imaginable options, including connection via midi with your favorite devices (Voicelive, rhythm machine, etc...). In addition, the App is in continuous renovations and updates. We have been using it for over 4 years and I give Arlo Leach a 10.

Absolutely great solution and top support

by Suklamunat (Finland) on 6/8/2019 (v.4.0.1)

We switched to BH from Set List Maker recently. Been using that for years so platform is familiar. However BH provides next level convenience in form of synchronized lyrics data across all band members and centralized maintenance of midi information. We use midi to call sound bank of all keyboards, scenes of mixing console X32 as well as pages (song selection) of our Chamsys lighting console. Absolutely recommended software.

Nothing Compares

by Ricko W (Australia) on 1/24/2019 (v.3.3.19)

This is the best app I have come across for musicians well worth the money good to see that they have paid attention to detail and have left no stone unturned I highly recommend it

Must have for our band

by Zion Player on 1/16/2019 (v.3.3.18)

BandHelper has become a command center for us, from standard song and set list functionality which is stellar, to using 2 Bluetooth foot pedals and 2 Bluetooth wireless units to send and receive midi commands to control and run lights, preset changes on guitar modelers, keyboard patch changes per song, effects on and off for our mixing board, etc. The ability to create automations allows us to run a pre-song routine to dim lights, change colors, focus our spotlight movers on our frontman... what an amazing app! Oh, and I also run 3 different band projects and sometimes share songs and setups - a huge timesaver for me. Thanks Arlo!

Great app, great support, love it

by Halfassedreviewer on 1/9/2019 (v.3.3.17)

After carrying around binders of music for years in our 5 piece band, I decided last year to try a digital approach. My band mates were afraid at first and two of them continued to use binders. After a few months of seeing how easy and convenient my setup was (and realize how nice it is to have back lit music in a dark bar) they made the switch and we have not looked back. I am continually learning how to do new things with this app that push me further into automation (which, as a control freak guitarist scares me, but also allows me to focus on performing and less on nonsense). I should have made the switch years ago and I very much so appreciate this app. There is a yearly subscription fee to use the app, but once you realize you can bring a guitar and all the music you have ever learned in one guitar bag, you won’t mind. Plus, the developer is making constant improvements so I think of it more as an investment than a fee. Don’t listen to the negative comments. There is a little learning curve, as with anything, but invest the time off stage so that you can focus on the music on stage.

Best Out There

by ledhed5717 on 11/16/2018 (v.3.3.14)

I absolutely love this app. Great functionality and purpose. Easy to create set lists on the web with easier typing and stuff, then sync it to the app. Make one list— every band member gets it. I like the fact you can customize your particular info that pops up for the set list and doesn’t affect the others. I can display my drum charts with my set list in split screen while the other guys can display chord charts and things they need. Works really well on my iPad Pro. Big writing and buttons. I also have it connected via Bluetooth to my iRig page turner to advance to the next song and turn my metronome on/off. I have the Pro version of this app for schedules, stage plots, contacts, and financials. It really comes in handy, especially the “contacts” feature. You can save venue info for later use. You can use the app with MULTIPLE accounts (handy for hired gun musicians), make several different “repertoires,” set lists, etc. I LOVE THIS APP!!!!


by Kent Mills on 10/28/2018 (v.2.3.12)

The ultimate in band love performance software - and I've tried most of them. Smartly programmed, you can tell it's written by musicians / programmers.


by George Farrow on 7/8/2018 (v.2.3.2)

I manage a small bar band and I have found the package to be the best option for sharing information between band members. It checks all the boxes.The price is right and it is scalable for any size band, and is great for managing multiple bands. A must have for any size and caliber of working band. We love it!

Love this app!

by sivancar (USA) on 7/11/2018 (v.3.3)

Incredible app, with nothing like it on the App Store. I’m a working drummer playing for few different bands. I can see my notes with each song and control my midi device from the same spot. Support is awesome with fast reply. Great developer and an awesome app!


by Nicholas Seguin on 3/23/2018 (v.2.2.10)

I have to admit there is a bit of a learning curve with this app, but it is absolutely worth the investment in time. I use it for live for setlists/lyrics and couldn't be happier. For those who got frustrated by the learning curve you are missing out. Great app, responsive developer. Thanks for the hard work!

Great App! Great Support!

by Lost a dollar! (Canada) on 12/11/2017 (v.3.2.5)

I just migrated to BandHelper from SetList Maker, which I had been using for a number of years. The changeover was made much easier thanks to the developper’s constant support and availability. Arlo Leach is a remarkable resource person for this app. I strongly recommend BandHelper as a great planning and performing tool for working musicians. Thumbs up for a great product and an outstanding service!


by Chris Horgan on 11/15/2017 (v.2.2.3)

This app really comes into its own if you manage a band. Works really well for our band. We have a mix of ipads and androids between players. Syncs well. Works offline well. Tip: We use the bandhelper website to upload, edit and manage - it's easier - and we use the apps during the gig. We removed most of the app layouts to make it easier to navigate. Arlo on Support is active and helpful. We are now trying out the schedule features now. Looks great, and solves band members from asking "when is that gig on again", "where is that gig" and "what was the pay". We all need to support the developer to keep this app going. It makes managing life a lot easier with active bands. Keep up the good work Arlo!

The most powerful toolkit for a keyboard player

by Bvandegriendt (Netherlands) on 10/31/2017 (v.3.2)

If you have read the app description I shouln’t explain any further. This is amazing for organizing you songs, making playlists and control your gear using midi program changes. Managing all this from a website makes it even easier. It took some time to get everything into the app but I don't want to think about not having this app. I don't have to watch my keyboard displays and just tap the next song button on my foot pedal and everything changes automatically. This app comes with great support from the app maker. Definitely worth the money!

Why haven’t you switched to BandHelper?

by jimp142 (USA) on 10/31/2017 (v.3.2)

I recently switched from Setlist Maker to Bandhelper. If you are familiar with SLM, than the transition is very easy. I really like the option of creating new set lists and editing in the Bandhelper website on my computer. Arlo really is a brilliant developer and offers top notch support. The website makes quick work of adding new songs to the repertoire. I prefer working on my Mac and syncing the iPad afterwards. I have been playing in cover bands for over 30 years and this app really has changed how we are able to manage our set lists. I was always the guy in the band that had the computer and printer to print all the set lists. I could never go back to paper now. No more typing set lists for me. Of course I have two guys in the band who still like paper. No problem, I just email them directly out of Bandhelper and they print the set list out themselves. No more wasting all my toner and paper! We use 3 iPads on stage and we use device linking over WiFi. I love being able to look down at my IPad during a gig and knowing right away what song is next, because my iPad is following the position of my singers iPad. You just can’t do that with paper! My singer and I also have an acoustic duo. With Bandhelper, I was able to totally separate our “Duo” lyrics from our “Band” lyrics. I think this is another great feature so we don’t clutter our band’s repertoire.

Great app! Saves so much time creating set lists

by Happydad14 (USA) on 9/22/2017 (v.3.1.17)

Signed up on the web, quickly learned how to batch import all our band's songs. Added custom fields for each guitarist's presets easily. Added all band mates, showed them how to use it. Now we can all easily tweak the set lists and it syncs to everyone. It used to take quite a bit to build set lists, copy our presets over, guesstimate on song durations, etc, when building sets. Now we just drop in the songs until we get the right length of music for a set, insert a break and move on to the next set, super simple. Then when done, I simply have my own custom layout to show the set list that includes my guitar preset number for each song. No more printing out set lists and manually adding all the info we need. What used to take 20-30 minutes now takes about 5, and no more wasting paper! Thanks for a great app!

Brought it to the next level

by Full Nelson (USA) on 3/16/2017 (v.3.1.8)

We absolutely love this app!!!! The on stage sync and easy set list creation is the best thing we've added in a while. No more paper, ink cost and time!! No more paper set lists on stage that make you look sloppy. I can make a set list for the gig on the fly anywhere on my phone and send out an email attachment to the band in minutes. Our young female vocalist bandleader has totally embraced our new way of gigging. Big major thanks Arlo!!!! Also his tech support is top notch and he responds quickly.

Fantastic App for Gigging!

by CheckeredPastBand (USA) on 1/19/2017 (v.3.1.3)

After 23 years of managing our coverband, this app comes along and streamlines everything! We are utilizing almost all of the features, quite sucessfully, that this app has to offer. All I have to do now is put a setlist together via the web interface and each member gets it as soon as they open the app on their ios device. Plus if we decide, on the fly, to rearrange the songs, only one person needs to do this and everyone else will get the changes! You have to set up a wifi network for your band but, this is easily done with a cheap $23 router from Amazon. The developer has excellent tutorials on the website to show you how to set this and everything else up. Our drummer controls our set lists for us using a bluetooth midi foot controller (iRig BlueBoard). As he selects each song several things occur; he gets the tempo in his earbuds, he can play a backing track if needed, each of our ios devices follow his song selection and I and the keyboardist have midi commands sent to our gear to change our patches for us! (using a Yamaha MD-BT01 bluetooth midi transmitter) On the administrative side, when I enter a new gig into the web interface, I have it send out text and/or email notices to each band member at set intervals that you can dictate. They will get these notices until they either accept or deny the gig. No more having to play phone tag trying to get in touch with everyone! Arlo, the developer, is very customer oriented. He personally and promptly answered a question I had. You can't beat that! I highly recommend this app!


by Dave Loebig on 1/15/2017 (v.2.1.1)

This is one of my favorite apps because it syncs all my devices with my songs, back up music and set lists. With Band Helper, I can create set lists and upload audio files. Then, like magic, they show up on my phone, tablet and all my devices for use at live gigs. It makes that a lot easier. There's room for improvement, and I could give it 4 stars instead of 5, but it's worth encouraging this app by boosting it a little. The concept of the app (online service syncing with app) is brilliant, the app is incredibly helpful, and Arlo is very responsive. Good app. Good service. Arlo, please keep it up. Thanks. For a solo artist, easily worth the $10-$20 per year.

BandHelper rocks!

by mashinemusic (USA) on 10/12/2016 (v.3.0.11)

If your live setup involves more than one device, whether hardware or software, bandhelper will make your life so much easier! You can create a list of devices, then create presets for those devices, then build songs that use those presets, and create setlists from your songs, then call up your setlist on stage, and with one gesture configure everything you need to start playing. Bandhelper will even display your music or lyrics for each song in your setlist. And with the Pro membership you can have all the members in your band have setlist in sync, keep your gig calendar, manage stage layouts, and even track income and expense! And the developer is friendly and supportive!


by Brandon Wright on 9/21/2016 (v.2.0.10)

My band uses this app to share charts, set lists, and recordings for all of our songs. We also use the app on stage and in rehearsal instead of the paper and sharpie set lists of old. Plus the developer just keeps adding new and awesome features! It is a vital tool for our band and it even works cross-platform!

Great App for Band or Solo Shows

by Marcel Imbrogiano on 8/1/2016 (v.2.0.5)

Great features! No more stress on stage! I am solo artist with a repertoire of about 400 songs! Powerful database handling, fast and efficient! With a lot of extra tools for planning, calculation and even great features like midi setup and playback handling! Thank you for this extraordinary app!

Best app ever for bands

by Tom27toko (Germany) on 7/5/2016 (v.3.0.1)

These few lines are simply not enough to describe the ways in which a band can revolutionize their own organization through the bandhelper. Musicians who have said goodbye to the modern world or have never arrived in it, be warned: you are too old! Anyone who does not curse iPads as a devil's work as a musician will quickly find their way around and wonder what this app can do. The longer you look at her, the more valuable she becomes. For us as a cover band, she has long been an indispensable tool on stage, in the rehearsal room and at home or on the go. INGENIOUS!


by Hank Moreira on 4/21/2016 (v.1.8.3)

When I stumbled across BandHelper, I quickly realized I need not look any further. As I progress into this app, it continues to surprise me how much it can do and how well designed it is. As a drummer it's particularly useful because we can't plop a music stand in front of us. Just the repertoire portion of this app is enough for me to pay the $25/year fee. Even if the rest of my band doesn't get on board with it, it's worth it to me because it solves all the issues I had with managing song and set lists. Goodbye Google Drive and OneDrive!

Every Working Musician Needs This!

by J. Lewallen (USA) on 3/29/2016

I have been a long time user of the SetListMaker App that Arlo developed and I wanted some additional capabilities in sharing and managing my bands set lists, etc. so I signed up for the trial of BandHelper and after just a couple days of using the site/app, I knew I had to go ahead and subscribe. I love that I can now go to the BandHelper website on my PC, login to my band account and take care of editing everything and have it sync up to each of the band members devices. I no longer have to email PDF set-lists before gigs or print out set-lists for the guys, we all have it right on our mobile devices and its always in sync! Also each member has a user account and they can each login and contribute to our database of information. I would highly recommend this great app for any working musicians who are looking for an easy way to keep yourself organized and making the best music you can.


by Seth Boutwell on 2/20/2016 (v.1.8.1)

Love this and so does the band. Dev support is phenomenal. Must have for any band that needs synchronicity and transparency.


by Jeff Shamus on 2/3/2016 (v.1.7.2)

This app has saved me HUNDREDS of hours and helped me avoid many embarrassing moments on stage. If you are the leader of a band, this app is an absolute must. Guitar... Check. Amp... Check. Band Helper... Check.

Tremendously Useful

by jhaxton (USA) on 1/18/2016 (v.2.5)

This app has so many features that are beneficial to me as a bandleader, it would be hard to list them all. Check out the website and app. Take a little time to enter in a couple of tunes and then test out the auto-scroll feature on your mobile device. This is more than an app. It's a full blown solution.

Performer's Dream Come True

by biblefan (USA) on 12/16/2015 (v.2.4.6)

As a solo performer using tracks, charts, midi, this program does the heavy lifting for me, leaving me free to communicate. The developer is extremely open to feedback for improvements as well as taking care to ensure I know how to take advantage of all this app 'ecosystem' has to offer. Best in class, easily worth the asking price.

Absolutely Essential App for Musicians

by Tony Gardner on 12/5/2015 (v.1.6.1)

I can't tell you all the different apps I tried to just to manage the sheet music aspect. Now that I'm hooked on BH, I've learned that there is so much more than just that. This app is packed with so many features, it's clear that it was written by musicians FOR musicians. The comprehensive MIDI implementation alone has revolutionized the way I am able to focus on the music, and stop pushing buttons or pressing pedals (which my Pastor seriously appreciates). Thank you Arlo for your tireless work in continuing to improve our lives through innovative development!

Bandhelper Review by Segue

by Bluzboy (Australia) on 11/14/2015 (v.2.4.4)

This app has solved so many headaches for me and enables easy compilation of set lists, repertoire, stage setups, schedules, gig dates/details, financials, in fact, most band-related matters are covered. All information is able to be transferred between members and printed/downloadable. I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you're in or manage a band, you simply must have this app!

Great Program!!!

by leadsinga (New Zealand) on 10/6/2015 (v.2.4.2)

Have just signed up for another 12 months ... Bandhelper is a fantastic program.

I have this installed in my 3 iPads and iPhone.

I use this live to run backing tracks and display chords and lyrics, now sharing this info across all devices so all members of the band see the same information.

The web interface is a huge added bonus as you can log into your account and layup changes, lyrics, add recordings, then sync this info back to all devices...

Constantly under development I recommend this app for any solo, duo performers who use live backing tracks or just want a app to hold all the info you require to perform to your best.

Simply the Best

by Stelluto (USA) on 10/4/2015 (v.2.4.2)

With so many tools at your disposal, this app offers an arsenal of weapons to combat band drama and live performing. I'm so happy to have found it and look forward to utilizing more of it's features. Every musician should get this app (and I have no affiliation with it's creator)! It's just that good!

Good app to help organize your band

by erok1111 (USA) on 6/6/2015 (v.2.3.3)

Overall this app has been an asset to our band. We use the calendar all the time to streamline communication among band members. The set list function has been very handy to keep track of song tunings and other details. The app is being improved on all the time, so I'm sure it will get better and better.

Great Concept!

by PatJenkins (USA) on 6/5/2015 (v.2.3.3)

I've played in bands big and small for years and one of the biggest impediments to getting up and running was the time it takes to get charts, recordings, lyrics,etc. out to everyone. This app streamlines that process and does it well.

This is an absolutely great app.

by Greg Pfremmer (USA) on 5/15/2015 (v.2.3.2)

If you are in a band or you are a solo artist that uses any type of backing music or if you just need the chords & music for your songs then this app is perfect. The developer is a great guy and is there to help you with any questions that may arise. Support is outstanding and I could not be happier with this app. It is perfect for my needs. All of the modules work seamlessly with each other. I also own the developers other program Set List Maker which is also outstanding and I was able to import my songs directly into BandHelper.

Excellent App for musicians, bands, ensembles, orchestras

by Sonicflight (USA) on 1/24/2015 (v.2.1.1)

What an excellent App...! Developer continues to enhance and add features/functionality based upon user needs and requests. Questions are answered promptly and really helps keep a band/musician in sync with songs/material, set lists, schedules, lyrics, and any other shareable documentation. Additionally, there is a significant amount of technology through MIDI part of this App that can turn this into a backing tracks player. Definitely worth a serious look for any musician or band leader to keep everyone in sync.

A huge help in band organization

by Thunder_sticks (Canada) on 12/14/2014 (v.2.0.9)

What a great idea, and well executed. I have been using this app with my five piece band and it is a huge help in organizing rehearsals and gigs. It is a good amount of time invested to get all your data entered and uploaded to the website, but VERY well worth the effort. I have regular PDF lyric files, inverted white on black PDF lyric files, chord charts and recordings all linked together now. The account and device sync options are great on stage, and in the rehearsal hall.

If you are a band leader, or the person in your band that is the organizational force SUBSCRIBE to this service! The fee is miniscule compared to the money you will save on printer ink, paper, and most importantly time needed to keep bandmates up to date.

Will never gig or practice without it!

by Jojo Was A Man (USA) on 11/23/2014 (v.2.0.9)

I am in a cover band that plays 3 sets / 40 songs a gig. I used to print oversized index cards with chords and lyrics that were inconvenient and stressful to use onstage, and now all I need is BandHelper on an iPad mounted on a mic stand. I set up the set list in advance of the gig, but it’s nice to know that any song we do is readily available on the fly.

So helpful is that you (or your girlfriend) can add songs and create set lists, and make changes or re-order songs on the BandHelper website and all will sync to the iPad.

BandHelper has a robust set of features for running a band that includes scheduling, financials and communicating with the band, but I use it solo only for the repertoire functions. There are so many nice touches and extras that you'd never expect such as the ability to change the key of the chords with the push of a button and control MIDI gear from the app.

BandHelper is the real deal, and the developer is extremely responsive to questions and issues, and frequently makes updates.

Set List Maker is its little brother, with a smaller feature set. It is also excellent but lacks the online and bandmate sharing components.

BandHelper is truly a professional app and is so much better than it needs to be. It deserves more than 5 stars.

Nothing like it

by Beucepholis (Canada) on 10/22/2014 (v.2.0.8)

Arlo has created the gold standard in set list and repertoire management. The level of detail and overall scope of this product are overwhelming.

An ipad is a very natural place to create and reference set lists, all the more so when it can be shared across the cloud, annotated, and integrated with your performance control system of choice. I have worked it into my rig as the centrepiece. Thank you arlo!

BandHelper is awesome

by Siktracy (USA) on 1/15/2014 (v.1.1.1)

We love it! Now nobody has an excuse as to what songs to play or gigs to show up at! It's nice to be able to store lyrics and mp3 in a central location.

Great app for Musicians

by chrt0 (Germany) on 12/5/2013 (v.1.0.5)

After prolonged use of Set List Maker I've decided now for the BandHelper - it may be the same and even more. For me, it is a great asset, now on the PC or Mac I can edit the song sheets. Dates and - if available - :), even the revenue be easily and transparently documented for all members. There are still 'teething problems' but Arlo Leach likes suggestions and makes improvements quickly.

Great app

by dudist55 (USA) on 12/4/2013 (v.1.0.5)

I use this with a couple of band I play with. Makes scheduling rehearsals and gigs easier, keeps our arrangements and set lists current, gives us a good place to upload and share recordings, suggestions and notes. It's SetList Maker for the whole band!