Sharing Screens vs. Sharing Actions: what's the difference?

Live Sharing includes the ability to share screens or share actions between devices. Here are some differences between these two functions:

  Share Screens Share Actions
Display Following devices show exactly what's on the lead device's screen Following devices show the same songs, but show their own layouts, including personal info for each user
Interactivity Following devices become completely non-interactive, like a TV screen Following devices can still perform tasks independently, like auto-scrolling or sending MIDI
Leaders The screen can only be shared from one lead device Actions can be shared from multiple lead devices
Setup Following devices need a BandHelper account, but don't need the latest data Following devices must be synced and contain the same data as the lead device
Transmission Speed Following devices usually respond more slowly Following devices usually respond more quickly
Best for… The simplest possible setup, when followers simply need to view shared info, and all devices have roughly the same screen sizes Users who want to see their own layouts, use a variety of screen sizes or run different functions from each device